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Parental Leave, Family and Medical Leave, and Pregnancy Discrimination

This brochure provides general information on Minnesota's Parental Leave Law,
the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, pregnancy discrimination and other related laws. It is not intended to provide legal advice. To answer personal legal questions, consult with an attorney.

Many workers in Minnesota are now eligible for unpaid leave upon the birth or adoption of a child, depending on the size of the company for which they work.

Companies with 21 to 49 employees are covered by Minnesota's Parental Leave Law. Companies with 50 or more employees are covered by the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act. These laws guarantee a return to employment. However, workers in small companies (fewer than 21 employees) are not covered under either of these laws. Regardless of company size, workers should check their company personnel policy regarding leaves.

Nursing Mothers
MN Statutes 181.939
Minnesota law requires all employers to provide unpaid break time for nursing mothers who wish to express breast milk. Employers must also make a "reasonable effort" to provide a room (other than a toilet stall) where breast milk can be expressed.

Sick or Injured Child Care Leave
MN Statutes 181.9413
If your employer has more than 21 full-time employees and provides paid sick leave - and you have worked an average of 20 hours or more per week - your employer must allow you to use any accrued sick time to care for your own sick child.

School Conference and Activities Leave
MN Statutes 181.9412
All employees, regardless of the size of the company, can take up to 16 hours per year of unpaid leave to attend the school, child care and other educational activities of their children. This leave is unpaid, but employees may use any accrued paid vacation time they have.

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